lunes, junio 16, 2008

Tuesday--poema traducido al inglés en Corresponding Voices-Syracuse U. - Martes (AMF)


to Mairym Cruz Bernall
for your Tuesdays

You refused to die another Tuesday;
the letters of your name give away tears
and silence pronounces the word love,
also melancholy…

And why die?
Other lips can build that mosaic for desire,
or a room for the forgotten calendars,
and I can help you turn the page,
the poem is a landscape in our hands’ company.

You are not alone,
you are the scent of the moon,
and I, of the sand.

I am your shadow even between shared sheets
or even in a Saturday morning breakfast
when the house dances between your hairs

And you decide that you will not die
that next Tuesday will be wednesdayed

you will have the ring of the night

maybe, solitude will no longer enter your name
there are no tears,
dress them up as footsteps,

now, I can sleep,
you wake up

silence is revealed….

Ana María Fuster


El Eróscopo: daños colaterales de la poesía

traducción al inglés por

Pedro Cuperman y Libertad Garzón

publicado en la revista

Corresponding Voices

Syracuse University

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2 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

que lo que el silencio nos revele merezca la pena

Ana María Fuster dijo...

hola amor... y sí el silencio puede revelar tantas cosas...